Las Vegas Outcall

The Differences Between Incall and Outcall Massages

There are a few differences between incall and outcall massages. When you want to take advantage of an erotic massage therapist, it pays to know how they vary – and where you’re going to enjoy the services.

An incall service is when you visit the location that the provider already has set up – this can be a massage parlor or a specific address somewhere in the city limits. Essentially, you’re going to them.

Incall locations can be anywhere – and you may not always like where they are. However, if those are the terms to access a girl, you’ll simply have to accept them.

An outcall service is when the provider visits you at the location that you have requested. This can be your hotel room or suite, an Airbnb, or anywhere else. They visit you.

The main difference is whether you travel to the massage therapist or if she travels to you. Obviously, outcall can be more advantageous because you get to choose the location. It ensures that you’re comfortable in your environment – and you don’t even have to leave your surroundings in order to enjoy an erotic couples massage or any other service you may want to book.

Types of Outcall Services

You’ll find that there are many different outcall services. The definition of outcall is simply that the provider will visit you instead of the other way around.

Three categories are found in Las Vegas:

Escorts: Escorts provide you with companionship and entertainment in your hotel room and/or out on the town. Think of it as a girlfriend without all of the commitment requirements.

Strippers: Strippers provide you with an unforgettable show in the privacy of your hotel room without having to pay for the cover at a strip club.

Massage: Massage therapists and masseuses will provide you with massage therapy in a sensual and erotic way without all of the rules imposed by traditional spas and massage parlors.

Many of the rules fly right out the window when you enjoy the many outcall services. And the categories tend to run together depending on the kind of experience you want to have.

Often, we have clients that request an escort who will also provide an erotic full body massage. We also have clients that want their massage to start with a bit of a strip show. So, we are happy to make any of your fantasies come to life – our girls have many talents, and it can all happen within your hotel room or rental property.

Obviously, when you have a stripper show up at your hotel room, you don’t have to pay a cover charge. And you don’t have to share her attention with dozens of strangers. Plus, the girls can be fully nude, even when you have a drink in your hand – something that simply cannot happen at the strip clubs of Vegas.

With a massage, the girls can be fully nude. And they are capable of providing more one-on-one attention. Should you want to invite two girls over, you can have four hands on you at a time, or you can make it a couples massage with your significant other.

Of course, you can also turn it into a voyeur situation. Allow your partner to watch as you get a sensual massage.

With many of the rules no longer applying because you’re not inside of a strip club or a massage parlor, you can have more fun – and truly have a reason to apply the old adage of “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Why Are There So Many Outcall Providers in Las Vegas?

Outcall providers have the ability to cater to all the tourists and business travelers throughout Las Vegas. Consider this – you may have a limited amount of time to enjoy yourself. Why should you spend some of that time traveling to a destination for a stripper or erotic massage therapist?

The outcall providers want to make it easy for you to enjoy the many services they have to offer. They know you may not have transportation to get to a particular location, too. And who wants to take an Uber to such a visit? Talk about awkward…

Many of the strippers, escorts, and masseuses enjoy their privacy. They don’t want to let people know where they live. And they don’t want to run into clients when they’re grocery shopping and conducting their personal business. It’s why they’d rather come to you. It ensures that they are able to keep to themselves while enjoying a bit more anonymity.

There’s also the cost. Renting a space in order to provide services can be expensive. And that expense is most certainly passed onto you and their other clients. Since you already have a hotel room or rental property, why not invite them to you? They save money and pass those savings on to you. Those savings can make it possible for you to book more services and bring more of your erotic fantasies to life.

Of course, you’ll always find incall services available – they’re just not as common.

Why Do Outcall Providers Charge Extra for Incall Services

Many outcall providers do offer incall services. However, they will charge extra. You’ll see this frequently on the many classified sites.

Whether you’re hiring an escort, a stripper, or even an erotic masseuse, thee are classified ads where they’ll offer an incall service. Read the fine print. There’s almost always an additional fee where they’ll ask for a deposit. The incall definition just means that they provide the place. There’s no rule that says it has to be their home – it can be a hotel room just down the hall from where you’re already staying.

They’re using this “deposit” to book a hotel room so that they can call it an incall session. You’re paying for that hotel room, so you’re not really saving any kind of money.

Choosing an outcall provider with an extra charge for an incall service is often a waste of money. And there are a lot of scammers out there who focus on getting the deposit without ever providing the service. It’s why it’s critical to go through a reputable company that will pair you with legitimate girls who will provide everything from an outcall NURU massage to an outcall foot worship.

Is an Outcall Service Expensive?

It depends on your definition of “expensive.” Often, the prices vary based on the girl you want to book with and the type of session you want to experience.

The highly talented and beautiful girls often cost more simply because you get what you pay for. And if you want to truly make unforgettable memories in Las Vegas, it can be worth it to spend a little more.

If you find outcall massage therapy that looks too cheap, it’s likely because it’s a scam – or because the services are subpar.

Most girls are highly transparent with their costs and services. And if you want to book for extended periods of time (like an overnight or an entire weekend), the costs can be extremely reasonable.

Here’s what we recommend: Find the perfect girl and invite her over for an outcall experience. Talk about what you want within the privacy of your room. Be courteous and respectful at all times. Come to an agreement and move forward. And if you can’t come to an agreement, the girl will leave and there are no hard feelings.

Just remember that outcall services are going to be more expensive than some of your traditional services such as going to a strip club or a massage parlor. You’re paying for privacy as well as for a one-on-one experience. This privacy can cost – but you’ll get a personalized experience out of it. Paying the extra will also allow you to avoid the rules that so many establishments in Vegas have in place – like not being able to touch an escort or the masseuse not being able to strip down for a NURU massage.

If you want an experience that is unlike anything else in Vegas, the outcall services are the way to go – and well worth the cost. Consider it to be an investment into your happiness.

Why We Recommend Outcall vs. Incall

There are countless reasons why we recommend outcall services over incall services. The most obvious is that you can enjoy more erotic services. An outcall erotic massage is going to be more enjoyable in the comfort of your own hotel room. And if you want an erotic couples massage, neither of you has to leave your hotel room. You simply wait until you get a knock on the door for the fun to start.

Vegas is an easy city to get around in. Between the trolleys and the monorails, there’s no need for you to get a rental car in most instances. However, if you book an incall service and the address you’re given is clear across town, it can lead to an uncomfortable situation. How do you get over there? An Uber or taxi could be expensive and a rental car may be out of the question.

You’re already spending money on your adult entertainment, so transportation shouldn’t be an added expense to endure.

Everything is out of your control with an incall service. The location that has been chosen may be outside of the city limits. It may be an apartment, a motel room, or even inside of someone’s home. There may even be other people home when you arrive, which can lead to all sorts of awkward exchanges.

We’ve heard some incredible stories of what people have encountered with an incall service, which is why we tell people to avoid them whenever possible.

You’re in control when you invite the outcall girls to your place. You get to decide if you want to raid the mini bar, order room service, or even smoke. You can set the music, choose the overall ambiance, and everything else.

Additionally, when it’s your room, you control who goes and who stays. If you love the girl who showed up, great. If you don’t, you can ask her to leave and find another one who will happily show up to provide services. With an incall experience, it’s not quite that easy – especially if you have to wait for an Uber outside of her room.

An outcall service isn’t just about convenience. It’s also about flexibility. Many of our outcall girls would love to accompany you anywhere and everywhere in Vegas. When they’re already at your place, you can simply head into the resort or around the strip for such things as:

  • Dinner
  • Gambling
  • A show

Enjoy their companionship anywhere you desire. They can make everything more exciting and sensual, so you don’t have to feel so lonely. Enjoy a full girlfriend experience as you explore Vegas the way that it was intended. You’ll find out why it’s called Sin City, especially when you have an experienced girl showing you the town.

The Law

The law in Nevada is something you’ll want to follow carefully so you don’t end up on charges of prostitution. And when you call one of the classified ads, you never know who you’re really contacting.

The definition of prostitution by the State of Nevada is clear: engaging in sexual conduct for a fee.”

Essentially, if you pay for sexual activities, you’re in violation of the law.

Outcall services in Las Vegas are 100% legal. However, while prostitution may be legal in some parts of Nevada, it is not legal in Clark County – and that’s where Las Vegas is located.

What this means for you is that you can have all of the fun you can handle with erotic massages, private strip shows, and enjoying the company of escorts in your hotel room and around the city.

You cannot offer them money for sexual services. Additionally, if you are offered sexual services in exchange for money, you cannot take them up on such offers.

Now, what happens when the services are over is entirely up to you. Be polite, be generous, and be well-groomed. Once you have enjoyed the services provided by a beautiful girl, see what happens. The two of you may hit it off – and she may choose to spend more time with you after your paid time together. What happens between two consenting adults when money isn’t being exchanged is completely legal.