Las Vegas Erotic Massage

Stunning Vegas girls are available, waiting to provide you with an erotic massage. How do you get an unforgettable massage while you’re in Las Vegas without being scammed? We’re here to provide you with a step-by-step guide with tips so that you can be sure that you get the kind of massage that you’ve always wanted.

Massage Parlor vs. In-Room Massage

One drive around Vegas and you’ll find that there are plenty of massage parlors to choose from. However, there’s also the option of scheduling an in-room massage. Knowing how your experience can vary will ensure you get the kind of experience you want rather than wasting money on a subpar massage that you could get anywhere.

Massage parlors are cheap, but you’re not going to get an intimate experience. Often, you get whatever therapist is currently available, which could be male or female.

Massage parlors tend to have thin walls, so there isn’t an opportunity to have a truly private session. Additionally, it’s common for law enforcement raids to happen, so if you don’t mind the possibility of this happening, a massage parlor could be a completely reasonable place to schedule your massage.

Typically, an in-room massage is ideal for when you want:

  • Control of the situation
  • Zero distractions from other guests
  • The choice of provider
  • The comfort of your own hotel room or suite
  • An intimate experience

As you explore massage options, you’re also likely to encounter such verbiage as incall vs outcall. Incall is when you will travel to the girl for a massage and outcall is when she travels to you.

Outcall is the recommended option for an erotic massage in Las Vegas for a few reasons. First, it ensures that you get the convenience of staying in the hotel room you’ve already paid for. Second, it prevents you from having to travel to a less-than-desirable part of town or a seedy motel.

An outcall massage offers you more bang for your buck because nudity, erotic couples massage, voyeurism, and more are not only allowed but also highly encouraged.

Don’t worry, we’ll go into detail a bit more throughout this guide.

Advantages of Outcall Erotic Massage in Las Vegas

You’ll find that there are a number of advantages to outcall erotic massages when you’re in Las Vegas:

  • Intimacy
  • Transportation
  • Provider selection
  • Pricing
  • Control
  • Environment
  • No scams

Intimacy. When you’re in the comfort of your hotel room, there’s a lot more intimacy involved. The massage provider can be invited in and told to make herself more comfortable. She can be fully nude…as can you.

The options are considerably more open when it’s in an intimate environment. Ask for a NURU massage where she’ll use her entire body to massage your body. If you want a four-hands massage, simply ask for two massage providers to visit at once.

There aren’t the house rules of a massage parlor, so you can enjoy the intimacy of what the girl offers. She can give you permission to touch her without either of you getting into trouble. When you’re respectful every step of the way, you may be surprised by how the girls are more open to an intimate and erotic massage. You won’t find that in an Asian massage parlor.

Transportation. Outcall massages are all about comfort and convenience. While you certainly can order a taxi or an Uber to get to a massage parlor, it can be awkward. The driver will know where you’re headed and for what. Why do that when the simple answer is to have a girl come to you?

You may have a beautiful hotel room or suite on the strip. It can offer an amazing view and provide you with countless amenities – including a mini bar and room service.

Massage parlors won’t usually provide you with a lot of photos of what it looks like inside. There’s nothing more disappointing than arranging travel to the location only to arrive and realize that it’s seedy.

Happy ending massages in Las Vegas are hard to achieve when you can’t be comfortable – and some parlors have strange smells, beds that are too small, and even K-Pop playing in the background.

Our recommendation? Skip the transportation and take advantage of an outcall service.

Provider selection. Do you want the first person available, or do you want to have a girl who checks all of your boxes and looks as though she stepped out of your wildest dreams? Spas and parlors are limited by who they can hire. We, however, can provide you with a wide array of girls – and we pride ourselves on selection.

Pricing. The pricing for incall services is high because of the added cost of the location. And many massage parlors charge a significant amount – which is why you’ll see the Strip scattered with coupons.

50% tips are almost always expected with incall services, too.

It’s often best to have a provider in your hotel room. There, you can also negotiate the services you get for what you’re paying.

Control. You like what you like, so you shouldn’t have to sacrifice that. Incall services allow the girls (or the establishments) to control the entire ambiance.

If the services are taking place in your hotel room, you’ll want the ability to relax. You can set the mood with music and everything else. And having an entire hotel room to work in can make it easier to enjoy a skin-on-skin NURU massage or allow for a tantra massage to take place on that king bed of yours.

Environment. You don’t want to hear people talking in the next room. And you don’t want to hear music that you don’t love blaring from the speakers.

You get to customize the environment within your hotel room. Order room service. Turn on the TV. Close the curtains. It’s your room, so it’s your desired environment.

No scams. Bait & switch happens all too often with incall scenarios. You choose a girl at the massage spa. Then, once you’re lying on the bed in a private room, a different girl walks in. And guess what? You won’t say anything because you don’t want to cause a scene.

With an erotic massage girl in your hotel room, there is no bait & switch. You aren’t paying upfront and if you don’t like who shows up, simply send her away.

Important Info

Erotic massage in Vegas is 100% LEGAL. You can enjoy professional massage services that include sensual play without having to worry about anything happening.

Here are the rules: Prostitution may be legal in Nevada, but it’s NOT legal in Las Vegas. If you want to pay for sex, you’ll have to drive 1 hour or more to the brothels outside of Las Vegas.

You can enjoy the sensual and erotic services offered by the massage girls, but you CANNOT offer to pay for sex. That is solicitation for prostitution, and it can lead to charges…and your number could even be blocked if you call and request such things.

When you call us to take advantage of an erotic massage in Vegas, be sure that you tell us what you want – but remember that you cannot solicit for sexual services.

Ask us questions. Find out about the different services and girls. We’ll work to ensure you have an incredible experience. And once the girl arrives at your hotel room, the two of you can always negotiate for a more enhanced experience.

Also remember that once your service is over, you’re no longer paying. If the two of you enjoy each other’s company, you can ask for a date. If the two of you had a connection, she may stay. Anything that happens after is between two consenting adults.

Erotic Massage Types

Did you know that there are a few different types of erotic massages? If you want a Las Vegas massage XXX style, you can choose between full-body sensual massage (often abbreviated as FBSM), tantra, or NURU.

Let us go over all three of these in a bit of detail.

FBSM: It’s going to be the traditional sensual massage. The girls may wear lingerie or be fully nude, depending on what you arrange. Some may even be willing to cosplay. You’ll have your full body massaged.

An FBSM is the cheapest and most basic package. Of course, there are countless add-ons based on the kind of experience you want. This can include a couple’s massage, a four-hands massage, or even allowing your partner to watch.

Tantra: This uses an ancient technique of hands and pressure points that can excite all of your senses. The end result is your body being in a state of total bliss.

NURU: This is often referred to as a body glide massage. A bit of site preparation is required, which often includes rubber sheets. The girl will apply a slippery gel to her body and yours. Then, she’ll use every inch of her naked body to massage your body.

Not sure what you want? We highly recommend starting with an FBSM if you’re a newbie. If you decide you want something a bit different and exciting, explore NURU or Tantra.

Booking Your Massage and Pricing

Booking your sensual massage in Vegas is easy when you work with professional providers. You can browse our gallery to decide on the kind of girl you want to meet or let us choose one based on your desires.

Then, decide how long you want to enjoy the massage services and what kind of massage you’ll want.

We’ll send a girl to the location of your choosing. This can be a hotel room, a suite, or even an Airbnb.

Calling us is the easiest way to arrange all of the details – and we are happy to take care of last-minute requests.

As for the pricing, it will vary depending on the provider, the day and time, as well as the services that you want. If you’re on a limited budget, let us know so we can make the necessary recommendations. On average, you can expect to spend at least $150 per hour – and more if you want a more sensual experience.

Obviously, the more you want to spend, the more we can ensure that your every fantasy is brought to life with the help of a massage girl (or two or three).

If you’re not sure how much you want to spend, call us so we can go over the fees. And don’t forget, any prices we quote you don’t include any cash tips you may want to provide the sexy massage provider when she shows up at your place.

Preparing Before Your Massage Girl Arrives

Once you’ve finished with the booking, the massage girl will be on her way.

We have this checklist to help you prepare:

  • Keep your phone turned on to receive notifications. You may need to give her directions or a room number
  • Clean up your hotel room, including getting dirty laundry off the floor and freshening up the bathroom
  • Take a shower. Hygiene is important when a girl is going to have her hands all over you.
  • Brush your teeth. You want to make sure your breath is minty fresh.
  • Set the mood with the curtains open or closed. Put on a little music. Pour yourself a drink to relax
  • Take a deep breath before you open the door to compose yourself

Remember, the massage girls are professional. They are outgoing, fun, and beautiful. They know how to take control of the situation, so let them do what they are best at.

It’s important to remember that you want to have everything set up upon the massage girl’s arrival. This means that if you want drinks, snacks, or anything else on-hand during your massage, get your room service order placed ahead of time.

Avoiding Scams

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams out there – and while you can find plenty of directories that offer a Las Vegas sexual massage, many require deposits and won’t show up.

It’s important to focus on beauty, talent, as well as positive reviews.

Many of the directories use photos that are of celebrities and porn stars and expect you to believe that those are their real photos.

The photos you see on are not the actual girls’ photos as we maintain the highest level of privacy and security, for both our girls and clients. We ensure that the girl you get is just as gorgeous as the ones in the photo – and often, they are even more so!

Often, directories will provide upcharges, hidden fees, last-minute cancellations, and more.

Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t fall for scams:

  • Never pay upfront (not even a “small” deposit)
  • Don’t take advice from limo drivers or street promoters
  • Only pay once you’ve seen the girl in person and have approved of her

Reputable massage providers ensure you pay after seeing the girl in person.

By choosing to work with a professional and legitimate business, you get the Las Vegas sexy massage you want without having to worry about massive upsells, cancellations, or anything else. And when we send a girl, we are doing so with confidence that she’s everything you could want and more. If for any reason you’re unhappy with who we send, just call us and we’ll send another girl your way – no questions asked.

Final Thoughts

Las Vegas is known as Sin City because of the many opportunities that present themselves. If you want a Vegas sensual massage, it’s important to know how to book the best possible one so you don’t fall for a scam and so that you can truly experience a massage provider who knows how to take good care of you.

Rather than wasting your time on fake profiles and losing money by listening to seedy cab drivers, use a reputable massage provider. We’ll ensure you have a beautiful and experienced massage girl show up to your hotel room.

Be freshly showered, have a drink in hand, and act like a gentleman. When you get the knock on the door, prepare for a nude massage and all of the fun that goes with it. We’ll ensure you have an unforgettable experience in Vegas because we offer the outcall massage services you can count on.